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The benefits of Light ID:

FlashD - solution

Latest Technology of Door Lock
FlashD Smart Lock Technology

With the increasing need for social distancing.
To provide a solution to lessen contact with frequently touched objects.
Save time entering buildings without the need for a key or a key card.
Without the need for WiFi or Bluetooth and just by using your phone.
Gold standard encryption allowing your identity is transmitted safely, eliminating the safety hazards still present in fingerprint access functions.

Passlock Support

We support the installation of FlashD into doors locked with pass codes. With FlashD, each guests’ identity is unique and is perfect for hotel guests. You do not need to fear losing your key card or someone else accessing your place of residence using a stolen key card.

Express Check-In

We pride ourselves in the speedy transmission of information using FlashD technology. Guest check-in time can be reduced drastically. With just a flash from their phone, they can transmit important guest check-in data without fear of interception.

Smart Power

Power saving is easier than ever. Our technology can determine if guests are in the room, thereby determining if power source should be turned on or not.


Our main power system is similar to the system powering card holder energy saving switches. This means that systems are interchangeable and installation is easy.

Latest Technology of Entrance Access

Based on the latest patented flash payment interaction technology, the authentication code is transmitted through high-speed flash light that is built into existing mobile phones. This means that instead of relying on QR codes, the payment process is completed with a simple flash. Using mobile phones as a payment option has also lowered the cost of installing and maintaining such technology for businesses compared to NFC technologies.

The tech is user-friendly as customers only need to keep a 15cm distance, point to the payment device, and tap the flash button in the app to complete the payment.

High Speed

No Need Card

No Need Fingerprint

FlashD Entrance Access


1 Flash

Dynamic optical code + Unique flash authentication methods.  Based on flash interaction, every time a flash prompts the opening of a door, the cloud based system will generate a unique encrypted light ID that will complete verification.

Digital Key Pad Features

One-touch door access is available to provide a high degree  of security and flexibility of access.

Contactless sensor

Best Experience

Our contactless sensors can sense touch from a distance of 1.5cm, eliminating the need to come into contact with surfaces. This improves public health safety as lesser contact reduces chances of infection and contamination.


One person,
One password

Refresh password
by cloud

And clients refresh passwords

Integration for Electronic Gate Barriers

List of places that FlashD electronic gate barriers can be implemented:

We apply secure optical authentication technology to traffic control systems:

flashd - Consistently efficient

Consistently efficient

flashd - Consistently effective

Consistently effective

Convenient pass-through with highly secured data supported with an encrypted backend management system

Convenient pass-through with highly secured data supported with an encrypted backend management system

Integration For Lift Security

Living in high-rise or multi-tenant facilities:

Solid Security Management Strategy

Solid Security Management Strategy

Keep the neighborhood safe

Keep the neighborhood safe

Low operational costs

Low operational costs

List of places that FlashD electronic gate barriers can be implemented:

Pandemic Solutions